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Dietary supplement for your animal designed to enhance health, longevity and performance. - 30 day supply

Animals fulfill many needs in our lives, whether they are working animals or pets living in our own homes. Their needs are important too. Domestication has resulted in lifestyles far removed from nature’s original design. The result: Veterinarians are seeing an increasing number of domesticated animals suffering from degenerative signs of aging.

We love our animals and we care for them, regardless of whether we're commercial farmers or just a family with a couple of dogs and cats. We want to do what's best for our animals, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy. At SomaLife, we have developed an incredible animal dietary supplement known as SomaPet. Like everything we do at SomaLife, the SomaPet formula employs a 100% natural approach, so you never have to worry about giving your animals anything that could have harmful chemicals.

SomaPet is a unique combination of eight amino acids, designed to work together to improve the health and energy of your animals. Amino acids like L-valine, for improved muscle metabolism and L-Lysine to give a healthy boost to your pet's immune system. It strengthens your animal's bone and collagen, promotes cellular energy production and increases your animal's ability to heal itself. SomaPet is available in powdered form, for easy mixing with your animal's existing food. If keeping your furry friends healthy and strong is important to you, then the answer is simple: SomaPet. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.