ProVit - Ex’cell’ence comes in 3’s - 30 Day

ProVit - Ex’cell’ence comes in 3’s - 30 Day

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ProVit Xcell is an elite antioxidant, multivitamin and Omega-3 fish oil supplement for peak performance and protection. ProVit Xcell contains a full month's supply of SomaVit Plus, Super X and Omega-3 which are also sold individually.

ProVit Xcell's ingredients are "all natural and completely organic" and our state of the artnutritional supplement is encapsulated in an "all natural veggie cap" and an edible wax base for the vitamins and minerals. (this ensures fast and complete absorption, unlike most of the competition who use the standard 'gel cap ‘which does not break down nearly as easily in the body…meaning your vitamins and supplements may provide you with little to no benefit).

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ProVit Xcell is Non GMO

A GMO is a genetically modified organism (also called "genetically engineered"): a plant, animal, or microorganism that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries.

Genetic engineering involves inserting genes from species that could not breed in nature. Forexample: genes from a cow that are placed in eggs or tomatoes. GMO foods could have risks for you, your family, and the environment! Do you want to eat pesticides or add more chemicals in your food?

The answer for all of us is, NO!

Just like you, SomaLife is concerned about the genetic modification of the foods and supplements that are available in the market today. At SomaLife we are committed to you, your health and the future and are proud to say that we bring you only the purest Dietary Supplements available anywhere in the world.

What is Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC)?

ORAC is a widely used testing method, which measures the antioxidant activity or capability of a food ingredient; the higher the measurement, the better the ORAC value.

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