3 Ways to Remain Mentally Sharp as You Age

Posted by ShopSomaLife on 4/6/2015 to Brain Health
Aside from maintaining physical fitness and health throughout one’s life, most individuals also strive to remain mentally sharp as they age. Improving or at least maintaining one’s mental acuity has a number of benefits- it allows a person to feel younger, interact with the younger set and boost one’s self confidence. For many individuals facing old age, the ability to retain one’s sharpness or even the chance to interact with the younger set on many mental tasks can be morale-boosting and help promote a stress-free aging process. The only challenge now for many individuals approaching senior age is to find the best approaches on how to remain mentally sharp. Different individuals will have their respective approaches on how to improve one’s mental acuity, but if the medical practitioners are to be asked, there are three (3) tested ways on how you can remain sharp as ever. 

Get busy and work on a variety of activities including education 

Successful (and stress-free) aging can be yours if you can constantly engage your mind in a number of mental pursuits and activities. Constantly feeding your mind with new information and education can keep your mind fresh and sharp. You can enroll in a post-graduate studies can help, or you can learn a new language which can keep your mind busy and motivated. Keep your mind and body busy in the workplace to increase the chance of developing a sharper mind as you age. This doesn't mean though that any type of job will keep your mind sharp. According to researches, jobs that require complex work and decision-making process like teaching and speaking can help lower the risks of memory loss. 

Connect with others

If you want to grow old gracefully, consider connecting or networking with people. Don’t isolate yourself simply because you have added another year; instead use this as an opportunity to grow old with others and to continuously live life. There are numerous ways on how to connect and interact with other people. Sign up for community work, apply as a volunteer teacher in the local school or even serve in the local church. Tapping into social support can help you develop a positive outlook in life, and you can also meet life-long friends who can help solve problems life will offer. 

Don’t forget to exercise 

Body fitness can also influence mental acuity. Exercising vigorously at least once a week can promote higher mental processes, and this can be done in a variety of ways. Exercising can be done inside the gym, or can be taken as a social activity with other seniors. You can schedule a day during the weekends for an early morning walk in the park, or play basketball just like old times. And the great thing about exercise for improved mental acuity is that this can be changed and improved anytime. 

All these are meaningful activities that can help you face aging with a smile. Other approaches and solutions are available and can work, including intake of natural supplements. The intake of supplements can help enhance memory and even boost brain health.