Boosting the Immune System May be the Key to Curing/Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by ShopSomaLife on 2/15/2015
A team of researchers in the U.S. thinks they may have uncovered the key player in the onset of Alzheimer’s, and their findings are both surprising and encouraging. The results, published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation in January, link Alzheimer’s Disease to immuno-suppression.  

Past research into this most baffling of diseases has focused on a number of potentially contributing factors to the dementia-inducing illness that impacts some 5 million U.S. citizens. There has been evidence to suggest aluminum poisoning (from soft drink, food, and beer cans) could contribute  to its onset, but the later research has focused instead on the build-up of cholesterol in the brain’s venous system, and on proteins which seem to collect is particular areas of memory and cognition.

What the Stanford scientists, lead by Jenny Johannson, answered was, in some part, the protein build-up, as well as why the proteins collect as they do, and how to eliminate the problem. This is potentially enormous news for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.  

The research focused on a brain-specific, “innate immune cell,” called microglia. Microglia’s job is to cleanse the neural pathways of foreign objects, like the proteins which earlier studies found collected in the brains of those with the disease. Stanford’s team found that the microglia was not functioning properly, if at all, in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, and thus were not performing their “critical inflammatory and anti-inflammatory” function.  Many diseases, including some cancers, have now been linked to inflammation, which can be a systemic condition.

The biochemical signal which orders microglia to clean the brain’s neural pathways is a lipid compound called prostaglandin. This signal carrier exists in nearly every cell in the human body. Johannson’s team’s study found that it is a cessation in the function of PGE within the prostaglandin and E2 receptors in microglia which cause the breakdown in microglial function.
They suggest that resetting the PGE and E2 puzzle pieces will not only inhibit further cognitive depletion, but may well reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s-caused dementia.

In short, we may be able to prevent and reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease by resetting/recharging the immune system to eliminate inflammation. SomaLife’s supplements, along with a healthy lifestyle, may assist anyone concerned about aging to do just that.