Health Benefits of Glycine

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Glycine is a non-essential amino acid which is used in the creation of muscle tissue and the conversion of glucose into energy. It also aids in the functioning of the digestive system and helps in maintaining the health of the central nervous system. Recent studies have shown that glycine, with the help of antioxidants, helps to protect the body from cancer.

Why Can't I Sleep?

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A lot can keep us awake at night. The list of things we need to do the next day, appointments we need to remember to keep, a difficult conversation that keeps replaying in your mind. A line from that stupid song that’s been stuck in your head for the past three days. You have worries that keep you awake.

Benefits of L-Leucine

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L-leucine is an essential amino acid, meaning you must obtain it through diet because your body can't produce it. You can acquire L-leucine by eating meat, dairy products, eggs, soy and other beans, or by taking it as a supplement. Leucine has potential benefits for weight, lean muscle mass and cholesterol levels.  A number of our products at Shop Soma Life contain healthy amounts of L-Leucine.

What is L-ornithine?

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Amino acids are building blocks of protein, used by your body to construct many different types of these essential compounds. But some amino acids, including one called L-ornithine -- or, more commonly, ornithine -- may have other important roles. L-ornithine is crucial for removal of bodily wastes, and some research also suggests this amino acid may help boost your energy level and provide your body with other significant benefits. A number of our products at Shop Soma Life contain healthy amounts of L-ornithine

What is L-Lysine?

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Although more than 300 different amino acids exist in nature, only 20 serve as building blocks for proteins, and lysine is one of them. Most of these amino acids occur as stereoisomers, which means there are two forms of each – the D form and the L form – that are mirror images of each other. Only the L form of amino acids becomes incorporated into protein and gets used by your body. In addition to contributing to protein structure, some L-amino acids, such as lysine, might benefit your health when taken as a dietary supplement.  Food-based sources of lysine include poultry, red meat, Parmesan cheese, eggs, sardines, cod and soy. Nuts, beans and milk products also provide this amino acid in a natural form.  A number of our products at Shop Soma Life contain healthy amounts of L-Lysine.

People Who Need Supplements the Most

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Ideally, we should be able to get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, it is becoming increasingly harder to get all the nutrients we need from food. The modern farming methods, the exhaustion of soil, and holding quantity as more important than quality have all led to the fact that our food is starting to lack in nutrients. But this might prove to be a bigger problem for some people than for others.

What is L-Arginine?

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L-arginine is a non-essential amino acid which means your body can synthesize it. It is found in some of the following foods: meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, fish & nuts. There are a number of L-arginine benefits, the most well-known of these is its use for erectile dysfunction which results from low levels of nitric oxide. Your body uses L-arginine to make nitric oxide, so using this amino acid can help alleviate erectile dysfunction without the toxic side effects of drugs often used to treat this condition.  Yet there are so many more health benefits from this powerful amino acid.  A number of our products at Shop Soma Life contain healthy amounts of L-arginine.

The Many Health Benefits of Omega 3

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Omega 3 oil is one of the most beneficial oils for the human body. There are many sources of this wonderful oil, but most people have heard of Omega 3 fish oil, which comes primarily from cold-water fish. Omega 3 fish oil improves the health and strength of your body, a fact which has been proven many times over and all around the world. The benefit of Omega 3 fish oil comes from its fatty acids, which are necessary for a human body to run smoothly, and also can prevent the occurrence of diseases like cancer and heart disease.

The Benefits of Anti-Oxidants and CQ10 to Health

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Antioxidants are beneficial to health in helping to prevent a number of diseases: heart disease, strokes, and some studies confirm lowering the chances of getting cancer.  

Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy & Strong

Posted by Scientific Advisors on 5/7/2014 to Vitamins and Supplements

Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy & Strong

Heart diseases are no longer just for the elderly, because even young people are prone to experiencing different kinds of heart ailments. Therefore, it’s never too early to start living a healthy lifestyle that would cater to keeping your heart strong. Do take note that heart diseases are the leading cause of death, but understanding its risk factors can help in preventing its onset.
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