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gHP Sport

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What is “gHP Sport”?

Created by an internationally renowned Cambridge and Harvard-educated British MD, gHP Sport is an all-natural combination, or “stack”, of pure, free-form crystalline amino acids that encourage the human body to produce agents that start the natural process of cell repair and regeneration.

Just a few of the benefits one can quickly experience from taking gHP Sport are:

* Improved sleep
* Increased energy
* Improved stamina
* Increased muscle mass
* A dramatic improvement in athletic recovery time

The science behind this product is so unique and effective that it carries international patents to protect it, and it is the only product of its kind that is NSF “Certified for Sport” for use by professional athletes. The NSF “Certified for Sport” designation is only granted to a product that has passed rigorous testing and been proven to contain no banned substances based on the internationally recognized World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Banned Substance List and Guidelines.

Therefore, particularly in Major League Baseball, gHP Sport has become a staple in the locker room helping players with their performance and recovery.

"I've been taking gHP Sport for over two years now and just love it! I sleep better, have more energy and recover quicker which are all important things to me as a starting pitcher. I believe in this product and truly feel that it contributed to my best season ever!"

David Price

Tampa Bay Rays

2012 AL Cy Young Award Winner

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