IQ 150

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IQ150 is an all-natural memory enhancing supplement that has been formulated by the SomaLife Scientific
Advisory Team to help improve focus and clarity of thought, optimize neurotransmitters, and help fight
oxidative stress in the brain.
It is increasingly recognized that a gradual loss of nerve cells and connections occurs at a relatively young age
and continues through our adult life. Even as early as our 40’s, the cumulative effects can be quite noticeable
with retention, recall and clarity not what they were when we were younger.
For this reason, IQ150 was formulated with the latest scientific evidence from the most up-to-date papers on
brain health featuring nine key ingredients that have been tested for maximum effectiveness to stimulate the
brain's cognitive functions by providing nutrients that can support a healthy nervous system, promote healthy
brain function, and reduce the effects of stress.
Anyone seeking a nutritional supplement formulated to enhance their focus, reduce "brain fog", and live a more
memorable life can benefit from this unique and effective, all-natural product.

ENHANCE Memory & Recall
IMPROVE Clarity of Thought
STRENGTHEN Cognitive Functions
SHARPEN Focus & Concentration
HEIGHTEN Awareness